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The following are links that will help guide you through the divorce process:

Divorce Attorneys - A directory of divorce attorneys listed by state and county.

Divorce Mediators - A directory of divorce mediators listed by state and county.

Divorce Services - A directory of firms offering divorce related services including Family Counselors and Therapists, Divorce Planners, Legal Services, Financial Planners, Accountants and Paralegals.

Free Child Support Calculator - Free child support calculator for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The Collaborative Divorce Process - If you are contemplating a divorce but want to avoid the fault finding, fighting and conflict that is bound to occur in the adversarial system, then this alternative might be for you.

Alimony - Comprehensive guide to the different types of alimony, including the criteria generally used in the determination and amount of alimony, and tax ramifications.

Child Custody - Reviews the different types of child custody. The emotional (for both child and parent) and financial points of view of a custody battle are also discussed including court ordered professional custody evaluations.

Child Support - Guide to understanding child support payments, and the criteria used in determining the amount of payments. It covers the emotional aspects as it relates to visitation and the possible ramifications of non payment.

Frequently Asked Divorce Questions - A state by state list of frequently asked questions with answers supplied by divorce professionals.

Divorce Support Groups - A listing by state of Support Groups that deal with the issues of divorce.


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