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Same Sex Divorce

same sex divorceOn Friday, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court handed down its landmark decision ruling gay and lesbian couples have a constitutionally protected right to marry and that states must recognize those marriages. This ruling enforces the legality of same-sex marriage nationwide.

With this ruling same-sex couples now have the same rights as opposite-sex couples. Same sex couples can now marry and divorce.

Factors to consider when seeking a same sex divorce

  • Length of the Marriage. It can be difficult to figure out the start date of a relationship when a same sex couple divorces. Should their entire co-habitation period be considered part of the marriage? How long was their marriage for the purposes of alimony/maintenance? The equitable distribution of property can also be a sticky issue. These issues in divorce take into consideration the length of marriage as a determining factor. This could present a problem to same sex couples that have been in a committed relationship for many years prior to the marriage.
  • Custody. If there are children involved determining custody and visitation in a same sex divorce can be a challenge. Issues of biological parent vs non-biological parent may possibly be a factor.

Regardless of sexual orientation, when it comes to children, divorce cases often get emotional. Child custody in same-sex marriage is no exception. Generally, same sex and straight couples are subject to the same laws in these matters, but there are unique circumstances to be aware of.

Each state's laws are different, and many factors can affect the process. It is important to find an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling same sex legal issues.

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