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A divorce financial analyst or planner is a trained professional who specializes in financial analysis or marital assets, such as real estate, investment accounts, pensions and/or a business to be split in a divorce. A financial planner can forecast the long-term effects of the property settlement agreement. If alimony is an issue they can also advise how much alimony should be and the most effective way to structure it. If you are divorcing and have accumulated marital assets or, you own a business with your soon to be ex you should consider hiring a divorce financial planner.

Maryland Divorce Financial Planners
Ms. Veralynn Morris
Divorce Financial Solutions, Inc
We have the proven results in private mediation to effectively guide our clients in all the financial aspects of divorce. Financial analysis and valuations of property, pensions, alimony, child support, and investments are just some of our services. Utilizing forensics and hidden asset discovery, we follow through to completion. Assisting attorneys for the most favorable outcome for the client, while managing client costs, are some of the benefits of using our services. QDRO draft preparation, completion of retirement division, and transfers services are also provided.
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