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Why Choose Mediation?

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With the new year comes a reminder post – what makes divorce mediation a better option than divorce litigation?

The short answer is -- divorce mediation is faster, cheaper, more private, and less stressful than litigation.

In divorce mediation, divorcing couples work together with one mediator to create an agreement on parenting and financial issues. Working with one neutral mediator, instead of two lawyers makes the process move more quickly. And, paying one person instead of two reduces the costs dramatically. Divorce mediation is confidential, unlike the court process which is public record. Finally, divorce mediators, like the ones at Westfield Mediation, LLC, are trained to work closely with couples to help them arrive at a fair and equitable agreement that makes sense for their particular family situation. We break down the divorce process into manageable steps. This personalized approach reduces stress and leads to an agreement that both spouses are more likely to follow.

For more information about parenting plans, child support and divorce mediation, please contact Randi M. Albert, JD or Michelle Weinberg, LMFT at Westfield Mediation, LLC, by phone 908-913-0373, or email us at or View our website

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