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The Elements of Divorce Mediation

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While divorce mediation is a good solution to the problem of an unhappy marriage, the divorce mediator cannot do it all alone. In divorce mediation, a neutral mediator helps the divorcing couple come to agreement on issues of parenting, alimony and division of assets. To do this properly, the couple often needs to consult outside sources to help gather all of the information they need to create an equitable plan for the future.

At Westfield Mediation, LLC, we tell our clients that the input of outside professionals can be useful in helping to make important decisions. For the financial part of the agreement, outside help is often needed to determine the value of certain assets or debts. For example, a realtor can provide the market valuation of the home – usually for free. An accountant may be needed to assess the worth of a business and/or to give tax advice. A pension appraiser or actuary may be required to help the couple understand the value of a pension. Other assets like jewelry or art may also need to be appraised by an expert in the field. These outside services are needed to make sure that the assets and debts are divided fairly.

Similarly, outside help may be needed to develop the parenting plan. Sometimes divorcing couples may seek the assistance of a therapist or a pediatrician to ensure that the family’s emotional and medical needs are being addressed.

Divorce mediation offers an economical and less stressful means of creating a fair agreement for the family’s future; and fact-gathering and seeking expert advice are often essential parts of the process.

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