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It Takes a Village

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I have found that it does indeed take a village to raise my family. I now happily accept my friend's offer to drop off my kid after a play date, carpool for gymnastics, or pick up some Tylenol at the pharmacy when my kid has a fever. I, too, am available to have your child over while you go to that meeting or to walk your dog while you spend the day down the shore. Raising a family takes a community. Well, so does getting a divorce.

As a divorce mediator, I can draft an agreement that addresses your parenting plan, division of assets and debt, child support and spousal support (alimony). I can guide the process to help you make important decisions about your future. However, I cannot definitively tell you how those decisions will affect your tax return. That is what an accountant can do. I cannot tell you what your house is worth. That is what a real estate agent can do. I cannot give you legal advice or be your legal advocate. That is what your review attorney can do.

I often get asked why all these other experts are needed. I tell my clients that I am good at what I do, but I do not pretend to be good at everything. I want my clients to get the best support possible when going through a divorce. This means rallying the village. Luckily, if my clients don't have their own experts to turn to for advice, Westfield Mediation, LLC, has a list of mediation-friendly professionals in various areas to help. Westfield Mediation, LLC offers a ready-made village for you.

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