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YAY for Summer!

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Yay for Summer! Many kids (and parents) count down to the end of the school year. For divorcing families, summer sometimes comes with extra challenges. For some families, the beginning of summer means creating a new parenting schedule and coming up with a plan to pay for summer programs for the children.

At Westfield Mediation, LLC, we work with our clients to help them plan for summer in advance. That may mean having a different, more flexible weekly schedule for a time when there are fewer concerns about schoolwork. It may also mean a need for more childcare. In addition, some parents like to set aside certain weeks so that each parent can have a family vacation with the kids.

Aside from working on the schedule, we also discuss the costs of camps, town swimming pools, or other summer programs so that the parents have a plan in place for paying for these expenses. We include a summer plan in all of our parenting plans, and build in flexibility so that the plan can be adjusted over time as the family's needs and interests change.

Having a plan in place takes away some of the stress, and allows everyone to enjoy the fun of summer.

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