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The Expenses of Divorce

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In many cases, the emotional costs of staying in an unhappy marriage outweigh the financial costs of divorce. Westfield Mediation, LLC.we tell our clients, that the best way to deal with the divorce expenses -- both the costs of the divorce process and the expenses of creating two households from one -- is to prepare for them.

The first expense arises from the divorce process itself. Divorce mediation provides a lower cost alternative to litigation. Litigation can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and most attorneys require a retainer upfront. In contrast, in divorce mediation, instead of each spouse hiring an attorney to hash out the terms, you both work together with one neutral mediator to create an agreement on parenting and finances that works for your family. In addition, divorce mediation allows clients to pay as they go, instead of paying large retainers to two attorneys. This approach allows couples to budget their expenses and save money.

Creating two households from one also costs money. For most people, living separately is more expensive than living together. As part of the divorce mediation process, we have couples look at their current budget for living together and compare that to ones that they will create for their new separate households. This process allows clients to see what the future holds, so that they can prepare for it, and look for ways to increase income or cut back on expenses as needed. Knowing what lies ahead and taking steps to address future financial obligations reduces the stresses that often arise for divorcing couples. Through mediation, we work to minimize both the emotional and financial costs of divorce.

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