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Divorce During the Holidays

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Sometimes couples who are divorced or divorcing feel additional stress this time of year. Families may have had long-established holiday rituals - every year, we go to this person's house for Thanksgiving, here for Christmas, there for Hanukkah, etc.

Maybe this year will be different, but that doesn't mean it has to be less fun. Instead of getting stuck in the past, this holiday season may be a perfect time to create new traditions and memories for you and your family.

And what if this year, for the first time in a long time, you spend Thanksgiving or Christmas without your kids? That can be fun too - sometimes it is nice to have a break from the routine, where you can focus just on you. Take the opportunity to visit with friends or relatives that you don't ordinarily see, read a book, rent a movie, do a house project, shop for yourself… With your new perspective, you can find a new way to celebrate that can be exciting and fulfilling.

In divorce mediation, we help families make parenting plans that cover important holidays so that no one feels left out. We understand that each family has its own way of celebrating throughout the year, so we craft careful, creative plans. Through this process, we minimize the stress, and help you and your family move forward on a new path.

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