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What's In A Name?

By Lawrence F. King, J.D.,
Denver, Colorado Lawyer-Mediator

The Colorado Council of Mediators has adopted a new name for those mediators meeting its "Recommended Guidelines for Mediator Education and Training."

Effective June, 2004, the Colorado mediators' organization changed the name of Guidelines-qualified members from "Guidelines Member" to "Professional Mediator, CCMO" or "Professional Mediator, Colorado Council of Mediators."

CCMO's governing Board made the change clarify that Colorado alternative dispute professionals undergoing the requisite training and practicum have a professional, as opposed to merely casual, commitment to mediation as a profession.

Colorado CCMO "Guidelines-Qualified" and "Professional" Mediators

image of Colorado mediators & mediation organization, Colorado Council of Mediators' logo As is the case with many, if not most states, Colorado does not have formal certification of mediation practitioners. The Colorado Council of Mediators (CCMO) and the Family Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association developed the so-called Recommended Guidelines for Mediator Education and Training, "to assist consumers, attorneys, judges, and other professionals in selecting" Colorado mediators.

CCMO's Guidelines (and thus, the new Colorado "Professional Mediator" status) require: Choosing A Professional Colorado Divorce Mediator

In William Shakespeare's immortal play on star-crossed lovers, Romeo asks "What's in a name?" and observes that "a rose ... by any other name would smell as sweet."

And so it is true with Colorado's divorce mediation profession. In the case of choosing a divorce or family mediator, Colorado couples facing divorce or separation have always been well-advised to insist on mediation-practitioners meeting CCMO's Recommended Guidelines. In that regard, nothing has changed, but certainly, the new name of "Colorado professional mediators" is more easily understood and thus a welcome change.

About the Author
Denver, Colorado family lawyer-mediator Lawrence F. King, J.D. is a full-time divorce mediator with Divorce Resolutions®, Colorado Center for Divorce MediationTM. For more information, visit the Center's award-winning Colorado divorce resources website, with its with free Colorado divorce tools and forms, "Best of the Net" child custody and parenting plans resources, frequently asked divorce mediation questions, and Colorado divorce laws news and information.

Larry can be contacted by phone at (303) 650-1750, or by E-mail.

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