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Stress Reduction - Another Benefit of Mediation

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As divorce mediators, we are often promoting the benefits of divorce mediation over litigation. Mediation is cheaper, faster, confidential, creative, etc. All this is true. Still, one point that we do not make enough is that mediation reduces stress by providing a structure and process during a time when families feel out of control.

Usually, in our first meetings with clients, they feel sad or angry or both. In addition, the couple is often feeling uncomfortable because they are making a big decision, and they don't know how to move forward. We find that mediation is a calming process because it provides structure amid the chaos, and a trained, impartial guide through a difficult time.

At Westfield Mediation, LLC, most clients complete mediation in 4-6 sessions. While the initial meeting may be tense, by the third meeting, the mood has generally changed for the better. The couple now sees how the divorce will play out, and the fear of the unknown is gone. Unlike litigation, divorce mediation moves quickly and focuses on resolution. It allows couples to move forward and plan for the future instead of fixating on past arguments. Through divorce mediation, a difficult and seemingly overwhelming situation can been broken into small, manageable steps, providing a better path for everyone.

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