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A Good Time for Divorce Mediation

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Now is a good time to start divorce mediation. People often ask us, "When is the best time to start the process?" They are ready to move on, but they are not sure if it makes sense emotionally or financially. Well, now is a good time for three reasons.

One, the holidays are over, and the risk of ruining the magic of the season with the drama of change has past. Moreover, some parents' concerns that their children would associate holiday time with their parents' split is no longer an issue. In fact, January is traditionally seen as a good time for new beginnings.

Two, we are beginning the spring real estate season, generally considered the best time for selling a house. So, if your assets include a house that you will need to sell in order to afford to establish two households, now may be the best time to list the property for a fast sale and a good return.

Three, the new health care marketplace will allow some people more insurance options than they previously had. Once a couple divorces, they can no longer qualify for a family plan for health insurance. So, they each need to have a separate plan. In the past, the party who did not have his or her own plan could use COBRA to continue on his/her ex-spouse's plan, get benefits from his/her own employer, or self-insure. Now, plans are available to everyone, even if they have pre-existing conditions, and some lower-income earners will be able to enroll in subsidized plans.

If you are ready to divorce,and are just wondering when you should begin, now may be the best time to start planning for your new future.

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