Mother’s Day is coming…don’t let it get you down

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching I think back to when my daughter was young and I can’t help but smile.   You seemother's day divorce even when my ex and I were together he couldn’t be bothered with Mother’s Day so my expectations were never high.    Any gift I received was something my daughter made in school or Brownies.  I loved and treasured every one of them.  In fact I still have the ice cream stick picture frame with her Kindergarten picture in it.  But as she got older the school craft projects that became Mother’s Day gifts stopped and she was on left to her own devices to come up with a gift.

When she was about 8 or so she proudly handed me a gift wrapped with the Sunday comics and lots of love.  When I opened the box I was surprised to see an old watch that I had stashed away in my drawer.  I was touched by her gesture and she was happy to see me smile.  I wore that watch the entire day.  Somehow it ended up back in my drawer.  Can you see where I’m going with this?  Yep, the next year I opened my Mother’s Day gift to find the watch again.  Now, 15 years later we laugh until we cry whenever we remember that watch.

So with both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching, if you are divorced with children just relax and enjoy them and the day.  Don’t let bitterness creep into the day and don’t worry if you don’t get an elaborate breakfast in bed or an expensive gift.  Your children are your gift. Love them to pieces.


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