Limited Scope Representation in Divorce

Limited scope representation (LSR) also known as “unbundled representation” and “limited scope assistance” is when the client and attorney select specific services to be provided rather than the “full package” of services that are traditionally offered by law firms. It’s kind of like dining a la carte.

Is limited scope representation right for you? While it’s not for everybody it may be a good option for you. Before deciding, answer these questions, and now is the time to be completely honest with yourself!

Do you have the time and energy necessary to handle your case from start to finish? That includes doing the necessary research, completing the paperwork and making court appearances.

Can you put your emotions aside and make decisions based on facts and not feelings?

Can you stand up to your spouse and not be bullied by them or their attorney?

Can you stand your ground and not give in just to get it over with it?

Can you do it without involving your children or taking time away from them?

If you can HONESTLY answer yes to these questions than limited scope representation may be an option for you.

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