Who would’ve ever thought?

If anybody would have told me back in 1995 that I would be part owner of a successful divorce information web site, blogging about divorce I would have told them they were crazy. But here I am! So welcome to our new blog.

Let me give you the condensed version of how we got to today…..

Way back in 1993 my husband of 17 years decided marriage just wasn’t for him and to be honest, being married to him wasn’t working for me either.   It was probably the only thing we had agreed on in years.  Of course that didn’t mean getting divorced was going to be easy.  It wasn’t.   My divorce was a long, drawn out and expensive nightmare.

One thing led to another and after almost two years of separation I found myself at a divorce support group.  It was there that I met my partner who also had a contentious divorce.  The only difference was his wasn’t expensive (financially speaking.) He did his divorce pro se, in other words he acted as his own attorney even though he isn’t an attorney.  You can imagine how that turned out.

We both learned a lot while going through our divorces.  The best things we learned were what NOT to do.   We decided back in 1999 to take that knowledge and create a website to help others not make the same mistakes that we had made.

And here we are now, 13 years later still advocating for doing the “right thing” during a divorce.

The goal of this blog is to share information, encouragement and even an occasional joke or two to help you get through one of the most trying times in your life with your dignity intact. I look forward to your feed back…so feel free to comment on my posts.

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  1. MaryJane says:

    That’s what they mean when they say “making lemonade out of lemons” Good for you 🙂

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