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         What is divorce mediation?

We recommend that each party hire a separate attorney to use as a legal consultant. The attorney can review the final agreement, and file the documents in court. We provide our clients with a list of mediation- friendly attorneys.
Westfield Mediation, LLC

Divorce mediation is a private, cooperative, non-adversarial process in which parties work together to create an agreement that is fair to both sides. It is designed to save time and money and to preserve relationships. Litigation is an adversarial process which is both expensive and time-consuming. Studies show that children suffer more in a high conflict divorce - and that it is the level of conflict that affects the children negatively, not the divorce itself.
Westfield Mediation, LLC

The length of the divorce mediation process depends on the complexity of the issues in each particular case. Generally, we estimate five to ten 1-2 hour sessions with a mediator.
Westfield Mediation, LLC

In divorce mediation, a divorcing couple meets with a neutral, impartial trained professional who helps them come to a mutually acceptable agreement on issues of parenting, division of assets and liabilities, child support, and/or spousal support. Parties make decisions for themselves in private and retain control over their divorce process.
Westfield Mediation, LLC

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