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What Happens in Divorce Mediation in New York?

Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation
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In Divorce Mediation, the two divorcing Spouses, led by a mediator, sit down together and come to agreement on all important divorcing issues. During the mediation sessions, issues that get mediated include: child custody, child support, spousal support (maintenance), division of financial assets and liabilities, division of property including the house decisions, pensions, insurance, etc.

During mediation, the mediators gather all information from the Spouses about the issues above. Presenting the complete big picture back to the Spouses, the mediators acquaint the couple with the NY State legal guidelines, such as child support requirements, as well as other possible options. Mediators then usually make suggestions for what agreements have proven to work well in the past.

The Spouses are encouraged to make their choices and come to agreement in issues after issue. When all agreements are reached, the mediator lawyer develops the Stipulation of Settlement (contract between the Spouses) and the legal paperwork for divorce. Both get filed with the courts and the Judge eventually signs the documents. At that point, the couple is legally divorced.

For more information on divorce mediation in New York, please contact Fredrick Klarer, Esq. and Dr. Diane Kramer, Mediators at the Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation in Suffolk County, by phone at 631-757-1554 or or Visit our website at Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation

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