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Robert Terhune Stewart, MS, JD, MA-MFT

Under the best of circumstances, divorce is a traumatic process. Your hopes and dreams have been shattered; you face an uncertain future; you are challenged by many unanswered questions. Fear, confusion, anger, disappointment and sadness are just a few of the emotions you probably are experiencing. So what can you do to get through these difficult times?

Three alternatives

  • you and your spouse can work things out on your own;
  • both of you can hire attorneys and fight each other in court; or
  • you can retain control over your dignity and your divorce, and greatly reduce both anger and fear, by working with a family mediator.
Obviously, you have not been able to work things out on your own or else you would not be looking at this web site! Therefore, you have only two remaining options. Going to court (litigating your divorce) is very expensive, time-consuming and frustrating; lawyers and judges make most of the decisions as the anger and resentment between you and your spouse continue to fester.

Mediation: the smart alternative

Mediation provides you with a private, constructive, self-directed and cost effective option. To learn more about how you can take control of your divorce (or resolve other major family challenges) in a calm, dignified and effective manner, visit my main web site at www.thefamilymediator.com

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