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"Couples have the ability to make good, healthy decisions about the end of their relationship. I can help in sorting out the issues and the solutions."

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Working with separating and divorcing couples is a specialty of Martin Kranitz. Martin was trained by O.J. Coogler, considered by many to be the father of divorce mediation. Martin has been providing mediation services since 1980 when he and Doug Tilley, LCSW established Mediation Services of Annapolis. Since that time, Martin has helped over 1700 couples through the practical issues related to divorce.

Using a structured mediation model, Martin helps guide the couple through a series of discussions covering parenting, property, support, insurance, future education, and tax issues. Most couples get through the process in 3 - 5, two hour sessions. Martin offers both day and evening appointments.

An orientation/introduction session (lasting 1 ½ - 2 hours), allows couples to meet with Martin, ask questions and hear about the process without making commitments to enter mediation. During the orientation session Martin reviews the mediation guidelines, expected behaviors and explains options available to the couple for obtaining a legal contract. The couple is given 2 copies of Martin's book "Getting Apart Together" which is used in mediation and can be helpful in Separation / Divorce, even if the couple decides not to pursue mediation.

The question to ask yourself is....
"How do you want your children to remember your divorce?"
    • "Mom and Dad were so angry at each other they didn't even think about us."
    • "All they thought about was the money. They didn't think about how the schedule would effect us."
    • "It got so we didn't want them at any of our activities because all they did was bicker and fight on the sidelines."


    • "They were really cool."
    • "They showed respect for us and each other."
    • "We didn't have to choose between them and they didn't make us feel bad about spending time with the other parent."


Mediation Services of Annapolis
1160 Spa Rd 1-B
Annapolis, MD 21403

Main Web Site: www.martinkranitz.com

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