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When Only One Person is Ready

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Lately, I have heard from a lot of divorce mediation clients who are ready to get divorced, but whose spouses are not in the same place. It is a pretty common scenario to have one spouse who wants to move on from the marriage, while the other wants to stay – either to try to fix things, or just to ride it out.

For divorce mediation to work, both spouses have to come in to work on the agreement. So, how do you get both people to the table? At Westfield Mediation, LLC,we explain that if one person wants a divorce, it is going to happen. Even if one person files for divorce, and the other person refuses to respond in court, the case will still move forward – just without the input of the person who does not participate. And since it's going to happen, we suggest that both parties might as well work on the plans together through divorce mediation – a faster, less expensive, less stressful option.

IIn divorce mediation, couples work together to create plans for parenting, the division of assets and debts, alimony and child support. These are important decisions and it is best that each person contributes to the creation of the agreement. By working together on a future plan, a divorcing couple ensures that the agreement will work for their family and that they are both invested in its success.

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