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Paternity in Minnesota

By Eric C. Nelson, Esq.

The days of factual disputes over paternity are long gone, as the issue of biological paternity is now decided by DNA, which is hard to argue with.

Disputes may still arise as a matter of law where, for example, one man is presumed the father because of DNA, and another is presumed the father by reason of marriage. For reasons of public policy, the biological father does not always prevail.

With respect to corollary issues of child custody and child support, etc., these are all decided pursuant to the same law that governs children born of marriage.

Eric C. Nelson has devoted his practice exclusively to family law, with particular focus on divorce and child custody matters, including, but not limited to post-decree modification of custody. Eric has successfully handled hundreds of cases of divorces (both contested and uncontested), child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, parenting time, out-of-state moves, domestic abuse, harassment, and other miscellaneous family law matters, both in and out of court. Mr. Nelson has been praised by clients for a respectful attitude, promptness and honesty.

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