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Negotiating a Divorce

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Divorce mediation is different from a business negotiation. In a business deal, the focus is on getting the best deal, and making sure that you are not short-changed in any way. Most likely, after your exchange, you will walk away, so maintaining a good relationship is not critically important.

During divorce mediation at Westfield Mediation, LLC, we help divorcing couples work together on crafting an agreement with the focus on creating a parenting and financial plan that works best for the family. As a result, there should be more give-and-take between the couple, and less posturing. Instead of starting with high demands with the intention of going lower, or asking for things you don't really want as part of strategic plan to gain leverage, divorce mediation works best if everyone goes in ready to compromise.

Because of your on-going links to your children, your finances, and maybe your business, the relationship with an ex-spouse is long-lasting and important. As a result, your conduct during the divorce mediation process plays an important role in your future interactions. Couples who go into the process with an attitude of compromise are more likely to preserve a civil, working relationship. And this approach creates a less stressful path forward for both you and your children.

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