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Gray Divorce

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Gray divorce - divorce among couples over 50 -- is becoming more common. According to research recently reported in The New York Times (9.22.13), for the first time, more Americans over 50 are divorced than widowed. In fact, while the overall divorce rate remains the same, the divorce rate of people over 50 has doubled since 1990. These older couples divorce.

Why is gray divorcehappening? One reason is greater social acceptance of divorce - the old-fashioned perception of divorce as shameful has faded. Also, people are living longer - a 50 year old, who can now expect to live another 30- 40 years, is less likely to stick it out in a bad relationship. In addition, over the years, women have become more independent and are looking for more in relationship, while men, now having the option of Viagra and other similar treatments, feel that they could attract younger women.

For many of these couples, their children are now grown, so parenting plans are not necessary. However, they still face difficult economic decisions - particularly those who are ending long-term marriages.Divorce Mediationoffers these couples a means of creating a divorce agreement that divides their assets and debts through a process that saves time and money. In mediation, a neutral mediator ensures that both spouses' interests are protected, and each person has a voice in planning for their future.

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