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The Divorce Rate Myths

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In the last few weeks, the media has been full of new interpretations of the divorce rate, many of which are showing that the commonly-held belief that 50% of marriages end in divorce is a myth. It seems that the truth is that rate is much lower. The downward trend for divorce is especially notable for highly educated couples who marry later. In addition, in recent years, more people are living together without marrying, and the ending of these relationships do not result in divorce. Notably, one group where the divorce rate has increased is for older couples. With longer life expectancies, the incidence of so-called "gray divorce" Is up.

Still, divorce statistics may not be that compelling to divorcing couples. Indeed, statistics about the rate of divorce for all couples may not seem that important to individuals whose own marriage is ending. In these cases, couples are thinking about how to best get their own family through this difficult time, rather than about how many of their friends, neighbors, or acquaintances are also divorcing.

At Westfield Mediation, LLC, we offer a better way through divorce. We provide divorce mediation services, offering our clients a lower-cost, less stressful alternative to litigation. A trained, impartial mediator works with each couple to create a personalized agreement on parenting, alimony and division of assets and debts. Unlike litigation, divorce mediation moves quickly and focuses on resolution. This approach minimizes stress and conflict for the couple and their children. The best way to get through divorce is not to be overwhelmed by statistics, but instead to focus on the needs of your family and your future.

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