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What is the Best Way to Pick a Divorce Mediator?

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Divorce Mediation is a simpler, cheaper, less contentious alternative to litigation. To make it work best, you should choose someone to guide you through it that works well with you. Also, sometimes issues arise after your divorce - for example, you may need to change your parenting plan or adjust your spousal support -- so if you pick wisely the first time, you have a mediator as a resource, if and when something comes up.

You might begin your search by asking friends and family for recommendations. If you prefer a more private search, ask your therapist or attorney, or go online. Try to collect a few names so that you have some options. Consider the divorce mediators' backgrounds and decide if you would like to work with a lawyer or a mental health professional. Would you prefer someone who specializes only in divorce mediation, or someone who offers mediation as one of many services?

Once you have a few names, call or email the divorce mediators to see how responsive they are to your concerns. Choose someone who responds quickly, listens to what you are saying, and seems to know her stuff. You need to feel comfortable with your divorce mediator, and confident in her ability to help.

Next, you may want to narrow your search by cost and location. At Westfield Mediation, LLC, we offer a pay-as-you-go approach, while other divorce mediators may require a retainer up-front. Location is also important because divorce mediation generally requires a few sessions and you want to be able to get to the mediator's office easily, from either home or work.

Divorce Mediation provides a good alternative to litigation. Choosing a good mediator can make the process that much easier to navigate.

For more information on divorce mediation or post-divorce mediation or to schedule an appointment, please contact Randi M. Albert, JD or Michelle Weinberg, LMFT at Westfield Mediation, LLC at 908-913-0373 or by email at or View our website

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